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What is a 'sweet tooth fairy'?

An 'stf' is a Figure Of Speech that I invented in 2008. I shared the idea with others on a wonderful word website where, with huge merriment, a list of over two thousand has been compiled. Kids and Baby Designers Clothes at


A sweet tooth fairy is three words where the first and second form a known expression and the second and third form a known expression and all three together make a credible expression.

Like sweet tooth and tooth fairy make sweet tooth fairy.





'To illustrate’ is used here in its widest sense. Hence sweet tooth fairies may not only be illustrated by using pictures and drawings but also any other media suitable for publishing on a website. Illustrations may also be made using photo, film, poem, cartoon, limerick, maybe even a sweet tooth fairytale. Spoken word and written word. Mime and body language. 2D representation of a 3D object. Music and sound. And more.


 How do I get mine published?

Just go to the ‘Submit Your Illustration’ page, and send your file using the entry form there . It's all free to do.


FAQ!!   What's in it for me?

There are no firm plans to promise any payment for any illustrations published. However, should this website become a money-making project, a fair proportion of revenues will be distributed amongst all contributors . . .  'til then, 'tis art for art's sake.


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